At Revive & Redefine, we teach and implement organic marketing that stays true to your voice, speaks to your audience, and gets cosmic results.

Why go organic? If you’re here, you’ve probably tried some other means of social media marketing – and maybe you even gained hundreds, if not thousands of followers. And maybe they also ended up being robots in another country who don’t actually engage or care about your posts. But f*** the bots – it’s time to hire real experts, who target your market, and start making progress that’s out of this world.


Average Follower Increase


Average Website Click Increase


Average Engagement Increase


Average Impressions Increase

*after working with us from 1 – 3 mos


step one


Whether you’re a consulting or hands-off management client, we start every client with a 1.5 hour call. We’ll get to know you, your business, your dream clients, help you determine the direction of your brand, and focus in on your niche.

step two


They call us the experts for a reason. With over 15 years of combined marketing experience, we know how to create an online presence that stays true to you. We’ll take what we learn in our initial call to create your custom plan using our signature VIP strategy – making your social platforms’ algorithms work FOR you, not against you.

step three


This is where you get to call the shots – we have three different capacities in which you can work with us:

1- Complete Hands-Off Management – let us do the work for you (and we use a REAL person to post & engage with your target market to maximize your posts – not a robot.)

2- One-on-one Consulting – We give you the tools, the strategy, and the content ideas through bi-weekly calls – you implement them yourself.

3- Group Mastermind – whether you’re a real estate brokerage, a network marketing team, or a group of entrepreneurs, this mastermind allows you to get the same strategies as working with us one-on-one, but with the support and brainstorming power of a group.



We’ve been so grateful to work with some amazing clients and their businesses to uplevel their online marketing. These are some things they had to say:

At first, I was nervous to spend money on something extra since I was just starting out. But I found that I needed to invest in myself so I overcame that quicker. I just love how relatable you are and you were always there for me when I needed someone. I had a few clients I got as a result of some of Kelly’s ideas and I couldn’t wait to call her right away. Oh my goodness – 100000% would recommend! I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Kelly!!!! I have done 16 transactions since I started in March and we are in November and I have 5 closings this month, all with clients I got from using the strategies that Kelly taught me. My life has changed since I met Kelly because I have built so many great relationships and my business doubled which is awesome!!

Kerri Denney

Real Estate Agent, 1-1 Consulting Client

In our time together, I learned a lot and now make a consistent effort to be on social media. The best parts of working with Rachel and Kelly were the encouragement, the strategy, and the support, as they were always available for questions. But my favorite part of working together was the belief they had in me when I had a hard time believing in myself.

Stephanie Goudreault

Life Coach, 1-1 Consulting Client

They are extremely talented!! I want to cry with excitement because I feel if I hadn’t reached out to them I would be clueless with how to start this process! They always have the perfect pep talk to keep me on the right path!

Alexis Anderson

Real Estate Agent, 1-1 Consulting Client

I am so excited to finally be able to share my new website and brand. A huge thank you to Revive & Redefine. They have put in plenty of hours to make this site perfect for me and help me express what photography truly means to me. They were so responsive, they took the time to learn my business and the qualities I strive for, it was fun and easy to work with them, and I could keep going on and on.

Kim Eskuri

Photographer, Website Client

I’m so grateful for the work and guidance. R&R helped me massively. I had been procrastinating for a long time and they made it easy for me to push through the doubt and get out there professionally. We talked about my style and goals, and they gave me a lot of great choices, were super receptive to feedback and made the whole process quick & stress free. I’m really happy with the result and think my website is a great reflection of myself.

Meredith Lynch

Energy Consultant, Website Client

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